A few tips for a better lifestyle windows from company "Cheh Plast" Ltd.

Company "Cheh Plast" Ltd as an authorized "REHAU" partner offers its customers PVC windows made of profiles of the latest technical generation that are easy to clean and to maintenance hardly need to go.

But to save their flawless performance and appearance must at all costs to keep in mind these few tips given by our specialists:

Finishing works

After installation of the windows is necessary to make timely finishing, including internal and external oiliness in a way that would lead to the prevention of heat-insulating foam from the weather and the penetration of water and moisture in the building construction.


After installation of new windows can during finishing, drops of lime solution or latex to fall on the frames. You must carefully remove with a suitable cleaning agent for PVC, free of abrasive or aggressive solvents. So will not violate the proper functioning of seals and fittings, and will not scratch profiles. The protective tape on the windows need to be removed immediately after finishing work and no later than a month after installation.Otherwise, their removal will be difficult, if not impossible.

For proper cleaning of the woodwork again later use appropriate cleanser and new customers can take advantage of special kits for maintenance of PVC windows which "Cheh Plast" Ltd gives when ordering windows of over 1000.00 BG

How to ventilate?

Doors and windows from the profile systems "REHAU" closed very tightly, thereby helping to save heat. Here it is very important that proper ventilation if you want to get healthy room temperature.

• Above all ventilate in winter several times daily. When it is better to fully open the windows for a short time than to leave them in position ajar for hours. Heat losses remain negligible when the furniture and the walls are not cool

• Morning one main ventilation in all rooms for 10-20 minutes is very important. This can happen faster if current challenge by opening windows opposite each other.

• During the day, five minutes are enough to change the stale air clean. Then it is better the windows to close.

The hardware (hinges, handlesand strikes)

Its functioning is advisable to put into moving parts once a year a few drops of lubricant, which ensures easy opening and closing windows. Put oil in all places where there are moving elements, so as to reach anywhere along the overlaid


If you follow the advice of our experts, you long to enjoy your doors and windows.