As a demonstration of its innovative spirit, Cheh Plast Ltd. launched into exploitation a new line for production of window glasses (look at the pictures below) with flexible spacer DuraSeal of the American company TruSeal Technologies.

Assembly and adjustment of the press, working table and applicator for setting the flexible spacer was made with the support of the Commercial Director for Russia and Belarus - Viktor Sirichev who showed his indisputable technical knowledge about the spacer, the technology and line machines. After the assembly and adjustment which took place with active participation of workers and employees of the company, Mr. Sirichev trained the workers in department "Window glasses" for the different operations related to production of window glasses with the new spacer. Despite of their long experience in the department, workers, technologists, production director and the manager, were watching the demonstration because the technology is different from the one used so far and is almost unknown in Bulgaria. Indisputable advantages of this technology using DuraSeal and DuraLite ( we will start to use the last one in short time) which is often called "hot end", could be summarized in two directions.

The first is the decreased number of operations during the production of window glasses (4 operations) compared to the standard (8 operations) and secondly, these are the indisputable exploitation advantages of TruSeal products - DuraSeal and DuraLite compared to other known spacers and mostly the aluminium one.

Spacers DuraSeal and DuraLite have been examined in the production of TruSeal Technologies in the laboratory of TruSeal as well as in independent laboratories. The tests have confirmed notable thermal characteristics and permanence compared to indicators of analogous spacers. By using multi-component structure and unique processes, TruSeal has developed a family of spacers having superb life with excellent thermal characteristics. All of the abovementioned along with the simplicity of application and lack of secondary pressurisation, makes the spacers on Dura-platform of TruSeal the best alternative to all other spacer regarding quality and price as well as better productivity and reliability.

DuraSeal saves 50% more energy than ordinary U-shaped metal spacer and 90% more  than an aluminium spacer. In DuraLite the corrugated aluminum separator is replaced by polycarbonate which reduces the heat diathermancy and makes DuraLite leader among the other systems "hot end" type. Due to its air-heated structure TruSeal spacers increase the temperature at the end zone of the window glass by 4-6 oC, which increases the total temperature of the window glass and ensures additional comfort and heat in the house. By increasing the temperature in the end zone of the window glass the possibility for condensation is decreased by 80% and it completely excludes freezing and formation of frost at the end of the window glass.  The DuraSeal system allows shorter time for argon fill of the window glass (3.5 seconds instead of 2 minutes) which optimizes the production time for the windows.  Thanks to the pressurization properties of the spacer the system retains argon, while maintaining thermal properties of the window during its exploitation. The use of window glasses ​​using DuraSeal and DuraLite is possible in all areas with severe climate. For more than 15 years pressurization systems have been used in the Far East and more than 10 years - in Ural and West Siberia. One of the advantages of the flexible pressurization system is the presence of only one separable angle which is sealed at the end of the assembly. All other angles are whole which ensures reliable protection against moisture and perfect permanency.

There is a sustained tripartite moisture-protective barrier entering in the structure of the flexible DuraSeal and DuraLite system as an additional protection against penetration of water vapor. Padding plate provide The main feature of the spacer TruSeal from other systems is vlagopoglashtashtiya smooth laminated layer in the composition of which is included desiccant (molecular sieve) with high absorption capacity, providing high dew point.s additional strength, durability and sustainability. The main feature of the spacer TruSeal which distinguish it from other systems is moisture absorbing smooth laminated layer in the composition of which is included desiccant (molecular sieve) with high absorption capacity, providing high dew point. The moisture absorbing layer connects the rest of the moisture in the window glass, keeps it during its entire exploitation (more than 30 years) and prevents the fogging of the glass from the inside. Unique hermetic DuraSeal and DuraLite do not contain acrylic and other additives, bursting under the influence of UV-rays. Due to that, it keeps high adhesion properties and significantly reduces the rate of moisture penetration. The spacers have an adhesive layer with best indicators for resistance to moisture penetration compared to all other windows. P1 tests conducted in independent certification laboratory in the Netherlands showed that under strong influence of UV-radiation in different temperature regimes (from -70оС to +120оС), adhesion of the pressurization has remained constant for 44 weeks. Moreover, the distance between the glasses has changed in the range of 0.02%. Waterproofing layer also serves to retain inert gases such as argon and krypton. DuraSeal and DuraLite spacers and are fully compatible with inert gases and have excellent characteristics for retaining the gases. Adhesive layer and hermetic are an integral part of the spacer system, so there is no need to use a second barrier of polysulphide, polyurethane or butyl.

As a conclusion to all superlatives can be added that spacers with DuraSeal and DuraLite are the most appropriate for passive and energy saving buildings which are targeted by Cheh Plast as the future of Europe and the world.