What is the casing for?

Casing is a system of elements assembled in the designated places for them in the profile system.  

It has two main functions:

  • To ensure opening and closing of the window and guarantee maximum packing of the construction.
  • To ensure protection against burglary.

What is the casing against burglary?

Anti-burglary protection is an additional but not less important function of the casing. It is classified in six stages where the stage corresponds to the casing elements, additional reinforcement of profile systems and strengthening the window, which counteract to different burglary activities.

How to maintain the casing?

Every manufacturer guarantees its qualities and functionality if:

  • It is assembled properly by the joinery manufacturers;
  • Basic exploitation and assembly instructions are kept by the end consumer.

The joinery producer which assembles the casing has to deliver it in good condition.

The company assembling the joinery has to deliver it in good condition as well by keeping it from mechanical damages.

The end consumer also has to keep the surface coating of the casing.

Neutral cleaning detergents must be used once per year for lubrication of friction elements with suitable lubricants. Frequent ventilation is important against condensation.